new years resolutions for your house

6 New Years Resolutions to Make For Your House

The new year is just around the corner, and it’s the time of year where everyone wants to set new goals and make new resolutions. These goals often fall into the categories of health & fitness, finances, bucket list items, and personal growth. But this new year, why not consider adding a house & home category to your list? If you’re not sure what goals you’d want for a home category, consider a few of these ideas and get to goal-setting! Here are 6 new years resolutions to make for your house!

Create a Master To-Do List

Do a complete walk-thru in and around your house to determine everything that either needs to get done or that you’d like to get done, such as fixing a broken cabinet door, touching up paint, repainting, getting a new shelf, reorganizing a closet, buying a new shed, patch up the curtain in the dining room…the list is completely dependent on you, your family, and your home! Invite your spouse, children, roommate, or a friend along – having another pair of eyes will ensure that nothing gets missed. Once you’ve listed everything down, prioritize the items and determine which ones you’ll have the time and budget for this year. Then, set a plan of action on when you want to work on these tasks throughout the year. Perhaps choose one major to-do list item for each month or pick one big project for each quarter.


Simplifying is on trend these days, but hopefully it’s not another passing fad. There are several proven benefits of what less clutter can do for mental health and productivity, so consider making decluttering a goal this year. Determine to declutter a different area of the house each week or month (do the kitchen in January, the master in February, the garage in March…) and do a complete purge of things you never use or no longer need. Another option is to declutter a different drawer, cupboard, closet, or room each week. This way it doesn’t seem as overwhelming. You could also make categories of what to declutter, such as all of the closets this week, and next week it’s all of the kids’ rooms, and the next week it’s all the paper clutter and file cabinets.

Have a Renovation Resolution

That bathroom you’ve always wanted to repaint? This is your year! Make a list of the major home renovations or remodels you want to do in you home and determine one or two that you’d like to get to this year and will be able to budget for. Determine a plan of action, for example: in January, make the list of renovation ideas. Then in February, do some research and determine the necessary supplies, time, and budget. Can you do it yourself or will you need to hire a professional? Work out the kinks here. In March, start buying your supplies; in April, prepare the room by cleaning it up and cleaning it out; and in May, get to work!

Make Little Strides to a Different Lifestyle

Have you been wanting to cut costs or go green but don’t know where to start? Do things little by little. For example, if you have a goal of switching all your lights to LED but live in a 10-bedroom house so the thought of changing out all the lights is overwhelming, spread it out. Pick a day one week to change all the lights in the kitchen, next week the bathroom…you get the idea. If you want to switch out your cleaning products to natural ones, go slow. You don’t have to make every change overnight.


Tired of the same old stuff? Consider swapping out the décor you had when you first moved in for something fresh to make your space feel brand new.  Set some redecorating goals for this year. Write down a few ideas you have for theme and style and atmosphere. What kind of home do you want to live in? How can you make the home you have now meet those expectations? Do some research on paint colors and how they have an affect on moods. Then consider repainting a wall or an entire room and go for it! The great thing about paint is it’s an inexpensive way to completely change the look of your home, and if you don’t like it, you can always paint it again!

Atmosphere and Hospitality Goals

Is your home cluttered, but you want a more minimal feel? Have you been wanting to host that barbecue for years, but never get around to inviting anyone? Do you want you home to feel more like a haven than just a hub? This year determine how you want your home to feel to those who enter. Start planning what it would take to host a barbecue for 20 people in your backyard and spread out the plans over time so it doesn’t sneak up on you again.