Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Our homes are our havens, and most of the time, we love getting to come home to them. Within the walls our loved ones and our comforts are housed. We can find peace, laughter, and rest inside of our homes, along with great memories, people, and food. But sometimes, the outside of our homes just need a bit of a makeover. Just like a new dress can make you feel like a new person, sometimes a change on the outside is just the little pick-me-up we need to feel more excited about our space.

Whether we’re trying to spruce up the place for future buyers, make it more appealing to ourselves, or are simply trying to keep up with Joneses (not recommended, but we all know it happens), taking some time to improve your home’s curb appeal never hurts. Here are some [mostly] budget-friendly ways to freshen up your home’s face.

1. Keep it even, Steven. Symmetry is visually appealing, and it’s almost always appreciated. For example, if the space outside of your front door allows for it, add a potted plant to both sides of the door instead of just one. It makes the door the center piece and won’t throw off visitors or those drive-by house admirers. Speaking of doors…

2. Door do-over. If your door needs a facelift, and if your wallet allows it, just buy a new door. If you really want to change it up, add a bold color like red, yellow, or blue. You can also fix up an existing door with some paint or new hardware.

3. Have a painting party. Certain vinyl sidings shouldn’t be painted, but if your home’s exterior is paintable, do some touch up where necessary. If you’re feeling brave, repaint the entire home a new color or shade. Depending on your finances, you can either hire painters, or invite some friends to help you. (Just be sure if you do the latter to provide the pizza!)

4. Take a number. Replace old address numbers with new ones for a simple and stand-out new look. Get big ones that can easily be read from the road in an easy-to-read style. You can go with a style of numbers that matches your home’s aesthetic, or you can go with a contrasting style to mix it up.

5. Pretend you’re the buyer. The Balance suggests the next time you drive up to your house, consider what a potential buyer’s first impressions might be, and take note!

6. Mail call! Yes, even in today’s technological age, we still get paper mail. Love it or hate it, the mail box is a staple of residential properties. Invest in a new (or fix up the old) mailbox. It can do wonders…just make sure you follow the USPS guidelines!

7. Grow a green thumb. Plant a tree or add some color to your front steps by adding some potted plants. Container gardens are just what they sound like: every plant is contained within a pot or plant box. This requires very little preparation but can be costly. There are so many options for planting projects – you’re bound to find something affordable and doable, even if you can’t keep a fallen leaf alive!