porch and patio party

Porch and Patio Party Planning Ideas

There’s still enough summer weather left to enjoy your outside oasis with friends and family! But if you’re worried your back patio isn’t party-ready, think again. All it takes is some imagination and a little extra effort, and you’ve got a backyard paradise in no time. Consider these ideas to get started today on turning your backyard from drab to fab in a matter of weeks, or even days!

Best Seat Out of the House!

Having lots of seating always lends itself to great get togethers, but sometimes our patios aren’t big enough to fit everyone. Investing in an outdoor sectional can be a great solution for limited space. They can typically fit 4-5 people and are made in such a way to conserve space.

Grill Power!

You can’t have a barbecue without a grill! But if you have a smaller patio, you may opt to keep your grill in the garage…and that can be a pain to pull out when you have a gathering. Instead, consider creating a home for your grill out back so it doesn’t need to be stored away in the off seasons or when it’s not in use. One idea is to build a custom frame for your grill that sits out back on your patio, or off to the side.

No Patio? No Problem!

Maybe you don’t even have a concrete patio slab, let alone a fancy wooden deck, but there are other ways to create an outdoor area that you may not have considered. One idea is to dig up the sod in the area of your choosing and cover it with pea gravel. These small pebbles are flatter and much more comfortable to stand on than river rocks…and are less expensive too! They also give the space a seaside vibe, which is perfect for summer fun.

Add Some Color!

Gray, white, and brown aren’t the only colors for your porch. Just like your indoor decor, changing up the color can be a major game-changer for your space. Greens, blues, yellows, and reds can really liven up your deck.

Think Beyond the Foundation!

You can create your own getaway by creating a raised deck away from your house. Think corner of the yard or a wrap around. Creating a secondary space for reading, quiet conversations, board games, potted plants, or outdoor dining is a great way to utilize unused space.

Don’t Forget the Refreshments!

Create a designated table space for drinks and appetizers. This will save you from having to pull out a dirty, rickety plastic table later and hoping for the best! Look at thrift stores, yard sales, or other fun shops to find a simple, chic, and sturdy table you can keep outdoors to set up your drink and dessert station!

Let There Be Light!

If you want people to stay at your soiree late into the night, keep your outdoor space lit up. Choose soft, subtle bulbs to give your outdoor space a romantic vibe that ignites conversation without being overwhelming. Fairy lights on the bottom of the deck can create a private, cafe-like seating area perfect for long nighttime heart-to-hearts.

Strike a Match!

Let’s face it: there’s just nothing better than a firepit. Turn your patio into a dream destination, whether you’ve got a portable fire pit or a designated fire pit area. All-weather chairs, white river rock, and fun accessories make for a cozy getaway and don’t steal from the charm of a flickering fire.