Twin Falls Neighborhood Lookout: Schools

So, you’ve decided to make the move to Twin Falls, Idaho – welcome! Or perhaps you already call Twin Falls home but are looking for a change of scenery within the area. Whatever the reason, we’re honored you’ve chosen the Connection to help you and your family on your journey to finding the perfect home and are happy to help.

There are many things for families to consider when purchasing a new home, such as size, how much work needs to be done on a property, lifestyle, yard-size, cosmetic desires – the list goes on! But everyone knows the three big rules of house hunting: Location, location, and (you guessed it) location! Where a home is located can be a major determining factor for homebuyers, based on commute time, proximity to stores or restaurants, potential resale value…again, the list goes on. But one factor regarding location that is of interest to families is which schools are in the area they choose to buy in.

Thankfully, Twin Falls is home to some excellent schools, and The Collins Connection is here to help you on your search! While it’s difficult to include all the information about each school or district, we want to do our best to at least give our clients a basic idea of where these schools are and what’s in the area.

The Twin Falls Public School District is home to nine elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools. For the majority of town, Blue Lakes Blvd. is the dividing line between two of the three high schools, Canyon Ridge High School to the west and Twin Falls High School to the east.

Canyon Ridge is the newer school, having opened for its first official school year in August 2009. It’s located across the street from Walmart and several restaurants (some that just recently opened, such as Burger King, Beans & Brews, Kneader’s, and Pizza Hut). It’s also down the street from both St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center and the College of Southern Idaho. This area has many new homes, with plenty of lots for sale that have yet to be built on, as well as some quiet, well-established neighborhoods.

The elementary schools in the Canyon Ridge district include Rock Creek, Harrison, Perrine, Lincoln, and Oregon Trail.  A few things to note about each school:

  • Rock Creek Elementary is in the same newer, up-and-coming residential and business area as Canyon Ridge, so there’s a lot of room to grow!
  • Harrison is just across the way from the College of Southern Idaho and the Boys & Girls Club of Magic Valley. While the school itself is not in a new area of town, there are plenty of well-established neighborhoods, though much of the zone consists of shopping centers, restaurants, and businesses. Harrison Elementary is, after all, less than a block from Blue Lakes!
  • Perrine Elementary is also in a quaint, older part of town. It’s a beautiful school that is literally next door to Robert Stuart Middle School (more on that school in a bit), which is great if your family has children in multiple age ranges.
  • The Lincoln Elementary zone has the best of both worlds: the school itself is in the heart of downtown, while the zone expands into the country side of things. If you’re looking to have the luxury of living on property but want the benefits of being close to the town, Lincoln Elementary may be the best option for you!
  • Finally, the Oregon Trail Elementary zone has both elements of established, country living and new construction.

Twin Falls High School is the original high school in Twin Falls, established in 1907, with its current building first holding classes starting in September 1954! It’s centrally located to almost everything in town as its easily accessible to four major Twin Falls streets: Blue Lakes, Falls, Eastland, and Addison.

As for elementary school students that grow up into Twin Falls High students, they come from Sawtooth, Pillar Falls, Morningside, and Bickel. Some notes about these school zones:

  • Sawtooth Elementary is located just behind Twin Falls High, and just down the street from the Twin Falls City Pool. The closest surrounding neighborhoods have been there for decades, with some lovely older homes full of charm and character!
  • Pillar Falls is one of the newest elementary schools in the district, and is almost entirely residential, including some country living opportunities.
  • The Bickel zone is basically the mirror image of the Lincoln zone, with the school itself also being in the heart of downtown, but also expanding into the “outskirts” of town with opportunities for country living, as well as some industrial businesses. Also located within this zone is the Twin Falls Public Library and the Twin Falls City Park. Both of these city staples host a variety of fun family events throughout the year that are sure to create lasting memories!
  • Family fun and fitness isn’t far if you live near Morningside Elementary! While located in an older part of town, it’s near the Magic Valley YMCA and the Bowladrome, as well as near the two other middle schools, O’Leary and Bridge Academy.

Speaking of middle schools…elementary school students from Rock Creek, Perrine, and Harrison* will attend Robert Stuart Middle School. Elementary students from Sawtooth, Pillar Falls, and Morningside** will attend O’Leary Middle School. Elementary students from Lincoln, Bickel, and Oregon Trail zones will attend the newest middle school in Twin Falls, South Hills Middle School.

Twin Falls School District also has two alternative schools: Bridge Academy Middle School and Magic Valley High School. Bridge Academy is located across the street from O’Leary Middle School, while Magic Valley High is located downtown (within the Lincoln Elementary district).

Finally, if public school is not the route your family has chosen, Twin Falls also offers a variety of private schools (Lighthouse Christian School, Twin Falls Christian Academy, and St. Edward’s Catholic School). Finally, Twin Falls also offers its families a classical education experience through Xavier Charter School.

We know that was a lot of information, so here’s a visual map of the school zones in Twin Falls to get a better idea of where each school is located. And as a final word of encouragement, one thing people continuously say is great about living in Twin Falls is how close everything is, so even if you do end up choosing a home in a school zone that doesn’t have as many of the amenities as you may have been hoping for, know that nothing in the Magic Valley is ever too far away!

*A small portion of Harrison Elementary students will attend South Hills Middle School. See map for more details.

**A small portion of Morningside Elementary students will attend South Hills Middle School. See map for more details.