summer landscaping

Yard, Lawn, and Landscaping Update Ideas

Are you looking to update your yard this summer? Whether front or back, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Paint Your Fence

The fastest, easiest, and most inexpensive way to change up your yard this summer is to paint your fence. While the classic “white picket fence” is timeless, darker colors are popular these days. Dark grey, green, or blue fences are a fun change, as well as an array of dark brown shades. Dark fencing and the natural lush greens of your yard will add depth and beauty to your outdoor space.

Reinvent Your Lawn

Having a green, trim, and well-landscaped lawn is a long sought-after goal for many a homeowner. However, due to water shortages and rising environmental concerns, many people have looked to alternatives lawns in recent years. Some of these ideas include grass mixes that don’t need to be mowed or prairie-style grasses.

Downscale Your Shrubs

Yards seem to have been shrinking in recent years, and many landscapers are tasked with designing low-maintenance yards and gardens. Still, many want the classic look of shrubbery, and many are turning to dwarf evergreen shrubs for this very reason. They’re small, resilient, and low maintenance. Other popular shrub options include bobo hydrangeas and dwarf perennials.

Add Some Natural Materials

The modern look is slowly on its way out, and more people are looking for natural materials, old-fashioned, and non-geometric styles when it comes to things like playsets, benches, decks, and outdoor furniture.

Think of Your Four-Legged Friends

Don’t want your dog to dig up your yard or garden? Build then their very own play area or sandbox. Encourage them to dig and bury their treasures there instead of in your flowers or tomato plants!

Incorporate Some Color Blocking

Use this technique or décor style to highlight a specific plant or area. You can throw in some color to draw the eyes to a row of potted plants, or as a fun backdrop to an outdoor seating area. If you don’t have a wall or fence to paint, you can always use porch curtains or a solid-color outdoor rug.